Pressable web Hosting review

Pressable Web Hosting Review: Quick Summary

Pressable Is One of the hidden gems In The Web Hosting Industry. They Are Preferred For Their good customer support, Great Uptime, High Security, and Affordable Price. Their Downsides Are You May Have To Pay Extra Fee For the domains and it did not include Free Email Accounts Included like Interserver and dreamhost. We Recommend You To Check Their hosting solution for agencies, freelancers, business owners and content creators. All configurations are based on month-to-month contracts. Not only does this make it easy to scale your server up or down at a moment’s notice, it also assures you that they also offers outstanding technical support. Lets explore more about their services in Pressable web hosting review. 

Pressable Web Hosting Review: What to Expect?

For WordPress Speed You Need Pressable

Pressable is a WordPress-focused web hosting service made to retain your site moves safely and smoothly, and it excels at doing just that. It’s not astonishing, the company behind WordPress, possesses Pressable. Additionally, Pressable control WordPress plans offer daily site backups, malware scanning, removal, WordPress-oriented security, staging, and page caching. Moreover, this feature-rich tool suite makes it a touch more expensive and business-focused than your average host, and it has some remarkable shortcomings also that we will discuss. Still, the whole service is beneficial for exploring if you consider building a website. Today article, will go through detailed review of Pressable web hosting review to check out whether the company is worth considering or not. 

Pressable Web

Hosting: In Comparison with Best Web Hosting Services

Freaking Awesome WordPress Hosting

Pressable is a controlled hosting expert provider in services for WordPress users– freelance WordPress designers, mainly agencies, e-commerce businesses, and developers. 

Furthermore, Pressable only provides WordPress hosting, but its services are customized in the direction of entrepreneurial endeavors, setting it distant from the more general-purpose web hosts on the market.

Moreover, it also works with small and medium-sized businesses regarding an inexpensive and multitalented substitute to Kinsta, Bluehost, and WP Engine.

Pressable Web Hosting Review: The Good And The Bad

Pressable Support that Rocks

Even the best web hosting services have drawbacks, and it’s important to consider the pros and cons of a hosting before buying to make sure every element contributes to your choice and the success of your website. Here is a list of the pros and cons of Pressable web hosting services.

Pressable Pros

Customer Services

The first and foremost thing about Pressable Is their customer support service. Also, with their customer support service, we noted that their support team service is very knowledgeable and provides an outstanding customer experience. Moreover, they provide 24/7 web chat communication. 

Additionally, I tested their web chat option to know whether the customer support Respondent is knowledgeable and helpful. Only, in just 5 minutes, we have answered all of our queries. Moreover, you will also have an option of ticket support for them 24/7.

100% Network Uptime Guarantee

The most special thing about their service is the 100% network uptime guarantee. However, we know that many web hosting companies claim to have excellent uptime. However, they did not stand with words. Moreover, to find out the truth, we used their VPS hosting and found that they provide 99.99% network availability in six months. Uptime is crucial for any website, and we cannot ignore uptime. So, with Pressable Services, you will have an excellent uptime guarantee.

Free Jetpack With All Plans

Another fantastic thing about Pressable is that they offer a free Jetpack With all your plans. Also, you will get free Jetpack features with every site. It will enhance website security and provide better performance for your website. However, if you are unaware of what Jetpack is, let me explain. Jetpack is a plugin that offers better force attack protection, an extra backup option, malware scanning, Performance Optimization, and many more. 

Free Global CDN

Moving on another thing that we love about Pressable is they offer free global CDN. The CDN will ensure a High-quality User experience. Furthermore, It will not only provide a better User experience but also enhance the SEO and security of the website.

Simple to Use Control Panel

Simple to use control panel, it’s always a good feature for beginners. Pressable has very free, easy-to-use features. Additionally, the control panel will have a modern and clean look to ensure your website runs efficiently. Moreover, it’s easy-to-use features, and you can build and manage all of your websites easily. Additionally, you can turn on the CDN, access site backup, Create a new website, manage your account, and enable admin access easily via the control panel. 

NVMe Server

Pressable offers an NVME server. NVMeStands for non-volatile memory Express. Also, it is much better than an SSD server. Moreover, it will dramatically improve the User experience and response time of your website.

Automatic Failover Option

Another thing that makes pressable beneficial for many hosting users is its automatic failover option. So, if your server goes down for any reason, their monitoring system will quickly switch to the end alternative server. Moreover, it is one of the features I did not find with many expensive hosting users in the market. Additionally, a copy of your website will be stored on their separate server to work for automatic failover purposes.

Daily Backups

Except for the entry-level plan, Pressable offers daily backup services and Jetpack security with all of their clients. Usually, getting a Jetpack and a backup plan will cost you $24.95 monthly. However, with it, you can get it for free. Additionally, their services offer daily backup and schedule backup of your website. Also, your website security will increase with the excellent performance of the Jetpack security daily plugin. 

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

With Pressable, you will also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, this feature, you will find with almost all of the web hosting providers in the market. So it’s not one of the extraordinary feature of its services. But this feature will ensure that your money doesn’t go to waste. If you dislike their services or any other issue, you can ask for a refund. So it is one of the things that is good for customer satisfaction. Within 30 days, you can contact customer support for a refund.

Admin Level Access

Another thing that I want to mention here is Pressable will let you create a WordPress login account for different users. It will give user accounts with access level limitations. Additionally, this feature will work especially for you if you want to hire a web designer or a content creator to work on your WordPress site.

Managed WordPress Website

Moving on, Pressable also offers managed WordPress updates. Moreover, it will take care of everything related to updating your WordPress Core. Now you will have to do anything to worry about those updates. However, one thing that I want to mention here is that they will not update the plugins automatically.

Free SSL

Pressable will also offer a free SSL certificate with all the appliances. Additionally, you will get an SSL certificate for every website you host with them. It is also one of the most crucial features of any web hosting provider. 

Pressable Cons

Check your website speed

Does Not Sell Domains

One of the con that you should have in your mind is Pressable does not sell domains. It means you will have to buy it yourself. For domain you will have to pay extra as no of their plan come with free domain. Here i will recommend you Namecheap, they are best in the market to sell cheap domains.

Lacks Email

The other con of the Pressable hosting is lacks of email. We know many of the web hosting company provide free emails with their hosting plans like Interserver, and Dreamhost. However, it does not have this feature. 

Pressable Web Hosting Review: Pricing and Options


Wordpress Hosting that Means Business

Pressable pricing plans offer a Choice of Premium Managed Hosting Plans. It offers multiple hosting plans for different users. As we mentioned, it is an ideal for a hosting company for beginners, experts, and professionals. There are various plans to offer to their users.

For instance, It offers managed WordPress hosting plans ideal for single websites and small businesses. Moreover, this hosting plan will host websites on the company’s cloud-based infrastructure.

On the other hand, agencies, large businesses, and freelancers have other plans. Between a price range of $45-1000, you can get plans to run your business. In addition to that, you can also get woo Commerce plans that will have extra storage and visitors capacity than standard plans.

 Let’s closely look at all of their plans one by one. 

    click here to see price

    Pressable Hosting Solution For Agencies

    Pressable Agencies Hosting Solution Review

    If you are an agency looking for a perfect website hosting solution, then Pressable managed WordPress hosting for growing agency is ideal for your growing agency. It will handle the day-to-day website hosting stuff of your website. Moreover, they will provide security, scalability, support, and performance to all sizes of agencies and will help them to grow its MRR. Furthermore, the agency solution plans will provide expert support, flexible plans, and developer-friendly tool to manage multiple sites. Above all, you will experience unbeatable uptime, air tight security fast speed. 

    click here to see price

    Pressable Hosting Solution For Digital Marketers

    Pressable Digital Marketing Hosting Solution Review

    Especially for digital marketers, pressable has managed WordPress hosting for digital marketers. Also, they promise to deliver the uptime, speed, security, and support you want. The managed WordPress hosting solution is ideal for Digital marketers who want to launch and build their excellent WordPress website. Moreover, they claim to offer a 100% uptime guarantee, complete support in creating collaboration and launch, and fast performance of your website 

    click here to see price

    Pressable Hosting Solution For WooCommerce Store

    Pressable WooCommerce Hosting Solution Review

    For Woocommerce stores, pressable provide managed WordPress hosting for WooCommerce website. Furthermore, they offer optimized hosting for Woocommerce websites. Additionally, with their plans, you will get friendly support, Total Security, 100% scalability, Global caching and CDN, 100% uptime guarantee, and performance monitoring.  

    click here to see price

    Pressable Hosting Solution For Freelancers

    Pressable Freelancers Hosting Solution Review

    Are you a freelancer? If you are a freelancer and want a perfect hosting solution for your website, then managed WordPress hosting for freelancers is the way to go.  For $25 per month and $250 per year you can manage your professional website. 

    click here to see price

    Pressable Hosting Solution For Business Owners

    Pressable Hosting Solution for business owners

    If you have a small and medium business type, then managed WordPress hosting for business owners from Pressable is the go-to choice. Additionally, its hosting platform will make sure that your small business grows quickly. Also, with its plans, you will get Time saving tools, high security, fast speed, 100% uptime guarantee.

    click here to see price

    Pressable Hosting Solution For High Traffic Websites

    Pressable Hosting Solution For High Traffic Website

    We know that you will need reliability and flexibility to run high-traffic websites. Pressable has both things to offer in its managed WordPress for high-traffic websites plan. In addition to that, it will deliver Scalable plans, redundant architecture, 24/7 support, and industry-leading security. 



    Here is the end of today’s article’s Pressable web hosting review. Overall, it is a value-adding and feature-rich WordPress hosting service with many advantages. Yes, there are disadvantages. We know that everyone has different hosting needs. So, if you think their cons are not something that will affect your business when you can go ahead and choose their services. Overall I will recommend pressable as their uptime security, and easy-to-use features make it one of the best web hosting companies in the industry. Additionally, if you have used their services, let us know about your review. So hit the comments now and let us know about your experience. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 

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