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Namecheap Hosting Review: Affordable and Reliable Web Hosting

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Hosting review

Namecheap Hosting Review: Quick Summary

Namecheap Services Are Reliable. They Are Good Hosting Providers For Those Who Want Affordable Hosting Option And Does Not Want Advanced features. You Will Not Be Surprised By Extra Fees And Charges From Them. I Strongly Recommend You To Check Their Basic Plan As It Offers Great Value To Everyone Looking To Start Their Website.

Namecheap Hosting Review


Are you looking for a reliable hosting company to get up your website with peak performance? You may be overwhelmed with so many hosting options in the market. You are not alone here. There is no shortage of different hosting providers in the market. It becomes difficult to narrow down our decision to any specific hosting service. 

Today we are going to introduce Namecheap hosting providers. They started their company in 2000 and until now have successfully led it with reliability. It has more than 11 million customers, hosting 3 million domain names overall. 

Namecheap is well-known as they do not use upsell tactics to make money. They will not only provide affordable pricing plans but there will be no surprising increase in price and money detection. For this, they take Pride then other competitors in the market. 

Today Namecheap review will take a closer look at all of the Year pricing plans, the pros and cons, and the details.

What Is Namecheap?

Namecheap is US-based hosting provider company. They are In the industry for more than 20 years now and have millions of potential customers under their wing. It is a solid hosting provider and reliable for those who want very affordable website pricing plans. Yes, with these plans, you will not get advanced features; you will get all required to run your website. With strong security features,  great uptime,  good customer support, and affordable pricing options, we can say that Namecheap is reliable. 


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Namecheap: In Comparison with the Best Web Hosting Services

As mentioned above, they do not make money with upsell tactics. For me, this is the main reason to like their services. It becomes irritating and uncomfortable when we get charged extra and unknowingly in the name of an extra renewal fee for or for unnecessary features. After reviewing many reviews, I concluded that they offer a fair deal to their customers.

It also has many cons. But as we know, the hosting needs vary from person to person. So it is worth learning to know about Namecheap services. Here we will dig deeper to know more about the pros and cons. 

    Namecheap Hosting Review: The Good And The Bad

    Let’s take a closer look at Namecheap’s advantages and disadvantages. This section will help you know more about their services and make the final decision


    Namecheap Pros

    We found following pros while Namecheap review. 

    Trusted Brand

    Namecheap has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and everyone in the hosting world knows its name. As I mentioned, they have more than 3 million hosting customers, which means their services are reliable. All this hard work can make you trust that they worked a lot to make it to this point. 

    Good Uptime

    Uptime is a very crucial factor whenever we try to choose a web hosting company. A great uptime means your website will be live all the time and will have less downtime. Downtime is something no one wants. We know the more time we spend offline, we will lose customers. 

    For this reason, I admire it as they offer solid uptime. In case of any issue and you did not receive 100% uptime, they will give you your money back. It is a customer service point. Namecheap trusts themselves in this as they have a history of strong uptime. 

    But our review will not only talk about what they claim but also the real side of the claims. We tested their services, and we came to the result that they offer 99.7% average uptime in 1 year.

    Free Domain and Migration

    If you already have your website hosting with another provider and want to change your hosting providers, then Namecheap offers free Migration of your site. This point is great for all orbiting about changing their site from one place to another. Why choose them? Not only will you get free migration services, but also you will get a free domain with your purchase. This thing makes them loved more by many other hosting providers in the market. 

    Money-Back Guarantee

    Another amazing thing about their services is they offer a money-back guarantee to their customers. So do not worry about wasting your money. If you sign up for a plan and do not like their services for some reason, you can ask for a refund. Within 30 days of your purchase, you can have enough time to know about all the services and features to decide.

    Great Basic Plan

    When searching for different web hosting services, you must find that many reliable companies barely offer a basic plan. The features will be restricted even if you can find a perfect plan for you. It is not something great for beginners. Compared with Other hosting providers in the market, Namecheap is a great starting place for Newbies. 

    This plan is great for anyone who wants an affordable hosting plan with enough resources to park their website. If you need more resources and features, then maybe Namecheap is not for you. 

    With their starting plan, you will get unlimited bandwidth, and with this feature you will enjoy when your website start growing. You will also get a free SSL certificate for the first year. After one year you have to pay for it. 

    In addition to that, you will get free backups two times a week. Many other expensive web hosting only provides backup once a week. So two times back up in a week is a bonus with their services. Above all, you can host three different websites with their basic plans. It is one of the main advantages of their plan. As we know that many hosting providers only allow you to manage a single website with their basic plans. It is a great bonus if you want to enjoy the Perks of your business and personal website. You will get 50 free email accounts and 50 MY SQL databases. So without any doubt, that basic plan is just amazing beyond words for those looking for a Startup plan for a website


    Quick Load Time

    As we know, loading time is very important for your visitors and your website. If your website takes more than 3 to 4 seconds to load, then there is a great chance the visitor Will abort the mission and head toward another website. According to Google, your website should load in less than 3 seconds to perform well. With Namecheap, you can make Google’s number attainable. The average loading speed of Namecheap is 458 MS. They are continuously working to improve it and continue getting faster. So with Namecheap services, you will not face the issue of slow website loading. 

      Namecheap Cons

      We found following cons while namecheap review.  

      Check your website speed

      Unreliable Customer Support

      Namecheap has a great resource called the Knowledgebase customer support that is the place to head if you have problems that you think maybe common and experienced by others in your shoes. Topics include everything from SSL certificates to email service. 

      They also offer how-to videos that walk you through all sorts of questions and provide solid answers.  However, if you cannot find what you’re looking for in either Knowledgebase or the how-to videos, things may get a bit tricky.

      It also has live chats that are quick to respond at first, but the support does not stay strong when the questions start coming out. The amount of time it takes to get questions answered in the chat is more than we are comfortable with. 

      You also have the option to submit a ticket for any questions or concerns, but that won’t warrant a quick response. And phone support doesn’t exist with Namecheap, so don’t even try to search for a number to call.

      Namecheap hosting Review Pricing Overview:


      Now let’s explore all the different pricing plan options with Namecheap. Yes, there are plenty to choose from. They have a diversity of options for experts as well as beginners. Anyone looking to start a website or someone with a high-traffic website can rely on them, and Namecheap has something for everyone. 

      Click here to see price

      Namecheap Shared Hosting Plan

      The Namecheap shared hosting plan has three different plan options. Surprisingly the prices of all these plans are cheap, as mentioned in their name Namecheap. Let’s have a closer look at all these plans one by one. 

      • Stellar: It is the lowest level plan with it; however, you will get a lot from it. This plan will get a 20GB SSD, free domain, 3 websites, and free CDN. You can get this package at $1.58 per month. 
      • Stellar Plus: The Stellar Plus comes with unlimited SSD, unlimited websites, free domain name, auto backup, and many more. You can get this plan at $2.68 per month.
      • Stellar Business: Stellar business plan is for all who want to start their small business website. With this plan, you will get unlimited websites, 50 GB SSD storage, cloud storage, free CDN, free domain name, and auto backup. You can get this plant at $4.80 per month.

      In addition, you will get a free website builder, domain name, SSL certificate, SSL installation, email surveys, CPANEL, privacy protection, and 24/7 customer support with all of their shared hosting plans.

      Click here to see price

      Namecheap WordPress Hosting 

      Namecheap offers the following WordPress hosting plans for you. 

      EasyWP Starter: The easy WP starter package is great for your first WordPress website. Moreover, with this plan, you can get 10 GB SSD storage and 50000 visitors per month. You can get this plan at $22.8  per month. 

      EasyWP Turbo: With easy WP Turbo you can get 1.5 times more CPU, 50 GB SSD storage, free SSL, free CDN, 1.5 times more Ram, and 20000 monthly visitors. You can get $34.44 per month on this planet. 

      EasyWP Supersonic: Easy WP super SoniC is best for those who want a peak site performance. With this plan, you will get two times more CPU, two times more Ram, 100 GB SSD storage, free SSL, free CDN, and 500000 monthly visitors. You can get this plan at $49.88  per month.

      click here to see price

      Namecheap Reseller Hosting

      Reseller hosting plans are great for anyone who wants to generate a passive income. It offers three different reseller hosting plans to its users. 

      Nebula:  Nebula is the cheapest reseller hosting plan. You can get this plan at 17.88 dollars per month. Moreover, this plan will get 30 gb SSD storage, 25 free email accounts, and many more. 

      Galaxy Expert: Galaxy expert will offer 100c final accounts and 90 GB SSD storage. You can get 33.88 dollars per month on this planet. 

      Universe Pro: For anyone looking for a serious reselling hosting plan, universe Pro is for you. With the Universe Pro plan, you can get 150 Si panel accounts and 150 GB SSD storage. This plan will cost you 51.88 dollars per month. Each of the reseller’s plans also includes the following:

      • Unmetered bandwidth
      • Cpanel accounts
      • Unlimited domains and subdomains
      • WHM control
      • High-powered reseller service
      • Account management tool

      Click here to see price

      Namecheap VPS Hosting

      To get more control and flexibility of your site, you need to try the Namecheap VPS hosting plan. It offers two different VPS hosting plans. 

      Pulsar: It is a popular VPS hosting plan of Namecheap. It will cost you $80 per month. Moreover, with this plan, you will get 2GB RAM, 4GB SST RAID 10, 100 GB bandwidth, and 2 CPU cores. 

      Quasar: With this plan, you will get 6gb Ram for CPU course, 3000 GB bandwidth, 120 GB SSD raid 10 at $13.8 dollars per month.

        Click here to see price

        Namecheap Dedicated Hosting review

        The Namecheap dedicated hosting plan is for you if you want your server and free reign over your work. It offers different plans within the dedicated server plan. Dedicated VPS hosting plans cost a lot. You can expect the pricing between $600 per month to $1100  per month. It is always recommended to contact Namecheap agents and get all the related information about your interested plan before making a purchase.



        So here is the end of today’s article Namecheap review. It is not among the best on our list of top web hosting services. However, they are good web hosting providers that are worth looking for. It has a lot of potential customers who rely on its services. It provides great value with its low-level plans compared to other competitors in the market. With so many pros and few cons, this service has all that you need. 

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