Ultra web hosting review

Ultra web hosting Review: Quick Summary

Ultra web hosting offers various pricing plans options from newbies to experts. Moreover, the company has no serious cons and you can enjoy reliable services from them. Additionally, they offer a Free plan with some limited features if you are not willing to spend any money. Furthermore, their VPS plan offers great features at affordable price. Lets explore in our ultra web hosting review.

What is Ultra web hosting review about?

Our long journey of web hosting guides continues. Today we will take a look at Ultra web hosting providers’ services. Furthermore, in our review, I will provide you with an analytical understanding of this web hosting company pros and cons.
As we know that every web hosting provider has its own set of values. Furthermore, every hosting user’s needs vary. So it’s not easy to find a perfect match for web hosting services. Moreover, our detailed review will guide how it offer its best features and whether it is worth investing in a web hosting company or not? In today’s Ultra web hosting review, let’s look at all these aspects in detail.

Ultra web hosting:In Comparison with the Best Web Hosting Services

Ultra web hosting company first started its journey in 2010. Moreover, Frstly they started their services as a simple reseller hosting solution. Their first data centres were in India and Russia. However, now, they are hosting in the Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Singapore, India, and the United States.
Additionally, in all these years, Ultra web hosting services have grown very impressively. Today with the reseller hosting plans, they have shared hosting plans, VPS options, dedicated servers, and many other options for their users.

One thing I noticed about Ultra web hosting is the scalability of their service plans. Additionally, they created all their plans with user growth in mind. It ensure that their users get access to hosting tools and web space that are necessary to maintain and create their sites. Furthermore, they also ensure each individual can find their perfect hosting plans solutions with their services. When we discuss their pricing plan options and details, you will find this fact true.

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Ultra web hosting Review: The Good And The Bad

Let’s take a closer look at ultra web hosting advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, this section will help you know more about their services and make the final decision


Ultra web hosting Pros

We found following pros while ultra web hosting review. 

Easy to Understand Features

First and foremost, thing about this hosting company is that they have very easy-to-use features. Moreover, they listed their Useful information and service packs in a very easy-to-understand format. Furthermore, this thing helps the beginners who are not such experts. The easy-to-understand format allows them to use all the great features easily. 

Various pricing plans

The company also offers different pricing plans for other users’ needs. For instance, if you look at their shared hosting plans, you will see that they offer some unique features. In addition to that, you will get a solid state drive, a good amount of bandwidth, and daily and weekly backups options.¬†

Furthermore, the VPS plan allows you to choose the data center location and operating system. Their VPS plans use Intel Xeon processors and come with good uptime. Furthermore, you can adjust the power of EPS with a slide bar. Moreover, this feature also makes configuring very simple for beginners. 

In addition to that, the dedicated server plan is also available, and you can choose the location they are placed. Moreover, these features make a pricing plan great compared to many competitors in the market. 


The next amazing feature you will enjoy with this company is all of their packages are built for fast speed. Furthermore, with their packages, you will get good quality hardware, solid state drive, dedicated networking quotes, and many more. Overall, all of these features ensure speed never becomes an issue. 


Another fact that we love about Ultra web hosting is its great uptime. Moreover, dozens of online reviews are praised for their uptime and speed features. We know that having almost no downtime on our website is crucial. So with a good uptime will ensure that our website will be online most of the time and will not loose any visitors. 

Additionally, ultra web hosting provides a sophisticated CDN network to ensure all our users get good uptime. In addition to that, the CDN network ensures its users get a Low minimum time. Moreover, we tested their web hosting for about the last six months. We found that their claims have been true in all six months as we observe almost zero downtime and high speed of the website. 

Web Security

Security is another important aspect whenever we choose any web hosting provider. Above all, security is a factor we cannot compromise. As we mentioned above, the operator CDN and system features contribute to Securing their user sites. Furthermore, you will get an SSL security certificate that will improve your website security as well. In addition to that, ultra web hosting also comes with a Malware scanner that will keep all the bugs out from your website. You will enjoy a fairer and smoother User experience.

cPanel Intergration

I often found that cpanel is not included in many web hosting companies. For instance, overall easy ASP hosting is great in terms of features and reliability. But many users do not prefer them as they do not offer C panel integration. On the other hand, the Cpanel is considered a quality tool for most users. Furthermore, the panel is also easy to use, making users’ experience much better.¬†

For these reasons, the Cpanel is the preferred tool for many users. So here is the good news: Ultra Web hosting offer  Cpanel integration, and you did not have to compromise on it.

One-Click Installation

As we know, WordPress is an unparalleled leader and website software platform. Moreover, the mass always prioritizes WordPress. The ultra web hosting offers the one-click WordPress installation option. Furthermore, so it is a great convenient feature for all WordPress users.

Ultra web hosting Cons

We found following cons while ultra web hosting review.  

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Unreliable Customer Support 

Customer support is a very crucial point to consider choosing any web hosting provider. Moreover, ultra web hosting overall provides good customer support. Without reversing, you can get live chat support and ticketing options. Most users that support systems work flawlessly and continuous office support. 

However, the con is that they do not operate 24/7 customer support service. So sometimes, you have to wait for their working OLX to get your problem resolved. 

Limited bandwidth

Overall, ultra web hosting claims to provide unlimited bandwidth. However, I find a full bandwidth feature is limited to the type of plan you are getting. So it is not right to say that you will get equal unlimited bandwidth on all of their plans. 

Ultra web hosting Review Pricing Overview:


As mentioned above, Ultra web hosting providers have various plans. However, ultra web hosting’s most amazing thing is that they offer multiple pricing plans and after-plan features. Moreover, the get-free goal is great for newbies who are just entering the industry and do not want to spend much money.

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The WordPress Plan Review

The WordPress plan of ultra web hosting is the most popular plan of their services. Moreover, their WordPress plan will cost $12.95 monthly with a one-month free trial. With this plan, you will get the following features; 

      • Support an unlimited number of sites.
      • Unlimited space and email accounts.
      • Free domain.
      • Free site transfer.
      • Ultra speed caching.
      • Dedicated IP.
      • 1-Click WordPress installer.
      • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
      • Free setup
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The Reseller Plan

For a three years commitment, you can get a plan at $16.66 per month. Moreover, if you want to commit monthly, this plan will cost you 24.95 dollars. the reseller plans an office with the following features;

      • Supports unlimited sites.
      • Nginx reverse proxy.
      • 50 GB disk space.
      • 1-Click App Installer.
      • cPanel Web Host Manager.
      • 2 TB bandwidth.
      • Free billing software.
      • Vanity Nameservers.
      • CloudLinux and PHP.
      • Trendy Site Builder.
      • Xcache Opcacher.
      • Free Setup.

The Shared Plans
This plan comes with several different features.

  • Ultra 1x Hosting: Ultra 1X hosting plan will cost you 2.95 dollars monthly for a 3-year commitment. Furthermore, if you want to commit monthly, it will cost you 5.95 dollars per month. Moreover, with this plan, you will get an online site builder, SSD hard drive, free domain, unlimited emails and space, and a C panel.
  • Ultra Unlimited: Ultra unlimited plan will cost you 5.95 Dollars per month for 3-year terms. If you want to sign up monthly, it will cost you 7.95 dollars per month. With this plan, get an unlimited number of sites. Additionally, it comes with an SSD hard drive, unlimited space and email, a free domain, and a Cpanel feature.
  • Ultra Unlimited Pro: Ultra unlimited Pro will cost you 8.95 Dollars per month for a 3-year contract. For a monthly commitment, you will have to pay 12.95 Dollars per month. Moreover, with this plan, you will get an unlimited number of sites. Additionally, this plan comes with an SSD hard drive, unlimited 2 space, email, a free domain, and a C panel. Last but not least, you will also get many e extra specs and features.
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The Weebly Plan

Weebly is a partner of an Ultra web hosting company. So Weebly users will have a special advantage in using the Weebly plan of ultra web hosting companies. Overall, this plan is great for new people who want to build their site with Weebly. You can quickly design your site as it offers so many templates with just drag and drop format. Furthermore, you can get this plan at 2.95 dollars per month for a 3 years contract. If you do not want to lock in a 3 years commitment, it will cost you 5.95 Dollars per month. This plan offers the following services.

    • Ultra speed caching
    • Free domain free setup
    • Content delivery network support
    • Unlimited space and email

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The VPS & Dedicated Plans

They offer several types of plans for this. Moreover, let’s take a closer look at them below:

    • Managed VPS Plan: With this plan, you can get 1GB RAM, Cpanel, 25 GB disk space, and sport unlimited sites. You can get this plan at $49.95 per month.¬†
    • Ultra-Value Dedicate: There is a setup fee of $49.95. This is $99.95 per month with 4 GB RAM, 1 TB of disk space, cPanel, and supports unlimited sites.¬†
    • Ultra-Xeon Dedicated: There is a setup fee of $49.95. This is $222.95 per month with 16 GB RAM, 1 TB disk space, cPanel, and supports unlimited sites.



So, Here is the end of our today article Ultra web hosting review. So how was it? I hope you will have enjoy this long, extensive analysis of our review. After much research and practical testing, we try to evaluate all their pros and cons. I want to conclude things by saying that ultra web hosting provides decent performance and quality features to the users. Furthermore, there are no serious cons about their services. So the question arises: do we recommend Ultra web hosting? Yes, we do. Overall they offer satisfactory services to the users. Let us know which of their plans you like the most?

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