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  • Getting the best web hosting is very different in Nigeria compared to other web hosting options in the USA and Europe. Under normal circumstances, the most important factors when choosing the right website hosting provider for different parts of the world are uptime, load time, and pricing plan.


    However, in Nigeria, it is not realistic to check the uptime of a hosting company as most Nigerian web hosting companies do not disclose this information. Choosing the right web host is the most important thing when setting up a new website for your business. Design is important too, but it doesn’t mean anything if your site is slow or unusable. Yes?


    What can I do to fix this? How to find the best hosting company in Nigeria? Don’t worry! I took the time to put together a list of the cheapest and most reliable web hosts in Nigeria based on my own experience and the experiences of my partners.


5 Best web hosting in Nigeria ranked

    1. Hostinger- Best small business hosting for great user experience
    2. BlueHost – Best affordable web hosting in Nigeria for small business
    3. DreamHost – Best budget-friendly web hosting in Nigeria
    4. SiteGround Hosting – Best web hosting for bigger websites in Nigeria
    5. Namecheap –  Overall best reliable web hosting in Nigeria

Best Web Hosting in Nigeria 2022






What makes a Good web hosting for Nigeria?

So, what is a good hosting provider? Web hosting determines your site’s speed, stability, and stability, so choosing the right hosting is important. So what exactly are we looking for?

Speed ​​

We all know the importance of website speed. And speed all starts with fast web hosting. Your web host should work well with Google’s Core Web Vital, so find a responsive host in your area and worldwide.


Uptime is a measure of reliability. That is the percentage of time the site is online. Even 98% uptime can mean that your site can be down 6 days a year . You should have at least 99.8% uptime.


There is nothing worse than being hacked. What would you do if you lost all your content and effort? It is why hosting web security is so important. A good host must have malware scanning and automatic updates. Some have a free (secure) SSL certificate.


With added security and practical features, many hosts now have regular automatic backups.

Customer Service

Ideally, your web host should provide customer service 24/7/365. Most hosts now offer ticketing systems and phone and online chat options. Some hosts charge extra for premium support services.

Storage and Bandwidth

“Storage” refers to the amount of content, images, and data stored on a host server. And “bandwidth” is the amount of data the server can pass. It affects the speed and number of visitors. Naturally, we want maximum storage and throughput within reasonable limits.


Never settle for the cheapest hosting. It can cause speed and stability issues. It can also get in the way as your site starts to grow.

Should I Use a Local Nigerian Host or International Host?

Multinational companies with better speed and performance recommend web hosting in Nigeria than local hosts. Nigerian hosts are known to cater to African users but are slow to grow outside of Africa, limiting business growth. Global hosts covering Nigeria deliver the highest speed and performance in Africa and internationally. International hosts are generally recognized worldwide for providing top-notch security and customer support. For all of these reasons, we will recommend you to go for an international host. 

1. Hostinger

hostinger review hostingguiders


Hostinger is the best industry in web hosting services and is ranked #1 on our list of the best web hosting in Nigeria. It is the cheapest hosting company  and is one of the fastest growing, with 10 data centers worldwide.

Hostinger hosting providers are known for their upgraded hardware and speed-up features. The best thing about Hostinger is that they offer up to 80% off on shared hosting plans.

Total Clients

Website Hosted

Trustpilot rating


Overall Score

Main Features:

Lets look at some of the key features of the Hostinger that makes it stand out from he web hosting industry. 

Maximum speed

Custom cPanel

Free and Unlimited feature

Reliable customer support

Great response time

Great Loading time

What Will You Get With Hostinger

Hostinger provides maximum speed when hosting your site in Nigeria and comes with a cache manager that accelerates load and response times. This plan includes many speed and ease of use that developers will love, such as PHP7 support and NGINX caching to improve WordPress performance.

It is an easy-to-use interface and does not work with a standard cPanel like other hosting services in Nigeria. It has evolved into a custom cPanel that is more clean, well-designed And intuitive interface.

To start a Nigerian website, you must first purchase a domain name. But with Hostinger, you can save money by using a free domain. Also, there are a variety of resources, including unlimited websites, unlimited email, and unlimited bandwidth. Get a free SSL certificate for your website.

Hostinger provides instant customer support to all Nigerian users, regardless of time zone. Their support agents are quick to respond and are known to be fun and enthusiastic to meet your needs and answer your questions.

Hostinger provides top speeds for Nigerian websites with a global response and load times of 136 milliseconds. Useful features like PHP7 support, one-click installer, Git support, HTTP/2, WordPress hosting optimization, NGINX caching, and LiteSpeed ​​caching will boost your website speed.

In Nigeria, Hostinger shows a load time of 305 milliseconds so you can expect fantastic speeds on your website. Load times combined with 99.99% uptime make your website up and running all the time except for a few minutes a year during maintenance windows.

Hostinger Pricing Gallery

Hostinger hosting plan prices are given:

    • Web Hosting – $2.99 Per month
    • Cloud Hosting – $9.99 – $29.99 Per month
    • WordPress Hosting – $1.99-11.95$ Per month
    • VPS Hosting – $3.49 – $77.99
    • MineCraft Server Hosting – $6.95-$77.99


  • Best speed in Nigeria with additional features
  • Individual dashboards for ease of use
  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Free Domains and SSL
  • Unlimited resources
  • Available Plans


  • Daily backup is not available

2. Bluehost


According to our experts research, it is a another option for a great web hosting in Nigeria and we listed it at the Second number of our list. Bluehost is the best choice for anyone looking to set up a website, especially if it’s their first time. It is one of the oldest web hosting solutions and was founded in 2003. 

Even though it has one data center in the US, it provides the highest speeds worldwide, including in Nigeria. It is one of the top 3 web hosting providers which WordPress recommends to expect your website high speed and great security.

Total Clients

Website Hosted

Trustpilot rating


Overall Score

Main Features:

Lets look at some of the key features of the Bluehost that makes it stand out from the other web hosting industry. 

Free and unlimited features

Great Security Features

Good customer support

Easy to use


What Will You Get With BlueHost?

One of Bluehost’s highlights is that it offers free services and tangible benefits to help you save money. Web hosting has unlimited SSDs, websites, and domains. Moreover, it has unlimited parking domains, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited subdomains. Also, If you choose a shared hosting plan, the hosting company will give you a free domain name and SSL.

You can easily secure your Nigerian website with it. Web hosting solutions include advanced email filters, daily backup services, and firewalls with different levels of security. As we mentioned above is WordPress also recommends the Bluehost hosting company, so your security is guaranteed.

Waiting forever for customer support is never ideal, but Bluehost is known for providing high level customer support. You can get answer of your questions in minutes via chat, phone, or email. Its support is available 24/7, so Nigerian businesses don’t have to worry about jet lag or different time zone.

If you are new to a web hosting company, Bluehost is a good place to start. It is a reliable option that comes pre-installed WordPress, which is convenient for beginners. You can easily set up the website on it in minutes. The dashboard is user-friendly and has easy navigation.

Moreover, it is very fast, with only one data center in the US offering an average speed of 153 milliseconds worldwide, which is much quicker than the 200 milliseconds recommended by Google.

Also, it can deliver amazing download speeds and response times even in Nigeria. It is one of the best web hosting company in Nigeria offers 380 milliseconds, which is very fast.

Last but not least, it has around 100% uptime and high-performance servers to fulfill the needs of high-traffic websites. On the Pro plan, high-performer servers are available.

Bluehost Pricing Gallery

Bluehost’s hosting plan prices are given:

  • Shared Hosting – $2.95 – $13.95
  • WordPress Hosting – $2.95 – $5.45
  • WooCommerce Hosting – $12.95 – $24.95
  • VPS Hosting – $19.99 – $59.99
  • Dedicated Hosting – $79.99 – $11.99


  • Amazing speed in Nigeria
  • Easy to use with quick adaptation
  • High-performance server for large websites
  • Fantastic security features are available
  • Various benefits and free services
  • Helpdesk agents respond quickly


  • It has just one data center.
  • Customer support is not always efficient.

3. Siteground


When looking for the best web hosting companies worldwide, SiteGround is one of the best. The hosting service includes data centers in six countries and serves thousands of domains worldwide. Regarding speed, SiteGround is ranked as the best web host in Nigeria because it has a global speed of 129.8 milliseconds which is impressive.

The hosting provider provides high-quality services worldwide and Nigeria as well. Also, Reliable customer service and friendly chat agents will make sure of their great services. 

Total Clients

Website Hosted

Trustpilot rating


Overall Score

Main Features:

Lets look at some of the key features of the Siteground that makes it stand out from the web hosting industry. 

Managed WordPress:

User friendly tools:

24/7 Customer Support:

Free Daily Backup:

High Speed

Loading speed

What Will You Get With SiteGround?

SiteGround is also the most recommended WordPress web hosting services, so you can rest assured that it offers solid support, security, and speed. It supports WP-CLI and Git, and its trusted servers are constantly updated to keep your site safe.

Regarding ease of use, SiteGround has created a custom dashboard for every user. Instead of cPanel offered by many web hosting companies, there is Site Tools, an intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform for hosting websites. A customizable toolbar allows you to perform tasks quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks.

Moreover, it provides top-notch customer service for Nigerian websites. With 24/7 support, the hosting company can tailor it to your time zone. Their customer support team is rigorously trained, friendly, and passionate. Support options have phone support, live chat, and knowledge base articles. 

With SiteGround, you don’t have to worry about data lost on your site. The web host offers free daily backups for 30 days for shared plans and 7 days for cloud hosting. Backups are created automatically so that you can go to previous changes anytime.

Additionally, it allows your site to load up to 4x faster than intended. It uses impressive hardware to handle load times. First, all Google Cloud hosting servers use SSDs. The hardware is paired with top-notch software like Cloudflare, SuperCacher, and PHP.

With an average global download speed of milliseconds, for  Nigerian it has the fastest loading speed in the region. Load and response times are 645 milliseconds but can be much quicker with SSDs and CDNs.

SiteGround Pricing Gallery

SiteGround hosting plan prices are given:

  • Web Hosting – $3.99 – $10.69
  • WordPress Hosting – $3.99 – $10.69
  • WooCommerce Hosting – $3.99 – $10.69
  • Reseller Hosting – $6.99 – $100.00
  • Cloud Hosting-$100.00 – $400.00


  • Impressive loading and response times in Nigeria
  • Uptime with reliable customer service
  • Free daily backups on cloud hosting and shared hosting
  • Handy site tools
  • There are data centers on four continents
  • Managed WordPress Hosting


  • Limited resources
  • High renewal price

4. Dreamhost


If you’re one of the super geeks who want more, I recommend DreamHost, the best alternative to Bluehost and Hostinger. 

Popular for its excellent customer support and uptime,

DreamHost is a very friendly low-budget hosting company for those who want peace of mind while working on their website.

Start your online business for $2.59 per month and see your progress. A veteran of the WordPress hosting world, Dreamhost is a well-known agent when it comes to WordPress web hosting. 

Total Clients

Website Hosted

Trustpilot rating


Overall Score

Main Features:

Lets look at some of the key features of the Dreamhost that makes it stand out from the web hosting industry. 

Technical Support

Free domains

Free Migration

Speed and uptime

Monthly Subscription option

Storage and Bandwidth All

What Will You Get With DreamHost?

DreamHost customer service is helpful, and you can always get a solution from them.

DreamHost servers associated with WP can be slightly faster when resources are limited, but overall they are more than acceptable for online businesses. Plus it gives you a free business domain name to start a blog/website.

Move your website data to DreamHost for free.

Their MTBF was 99.92% in May, which is a bit low now. However, the average over the last 10 months is 99.96%, which is still very stable. The speed is around 700ms, but still a bit slow compared to Bluehost and Hostinger Services, Benefits, & Cost.

The “Monthly Subscription” option is a great feature if you don’t have much money to invest in a one-year or three-year plan. It costs NGN 1,514 per month for the Starter plan and NGN 3,350 per month for the Unlimited plan.

However, the downside of the monthly option is that it doesn’t include a free domain, which costs an additional NGN 3,668.

DreamHost has unlimited bandwidth and storage, making even the cheapest option a great investment.

DreamHost Pricing Gallery

DreamHost hosting plan prices are given:

  • Shared Website hosting-$2.59-$3.95 Per Month

  • VPS Hosting-$10.00– $80.00 Per Month

  • Managed WordPress Hosting-$16.95 – $71.95 Per Month
  • Dedicated server Hosting-$149.99 – $279.00 Per Month
  • DreamPress Hosting-$2.59-$27.50 Per Month
  • WooCommerce Hosting-$16.95-$71.95 Per Month 


  • Flexible Options in price 
  • Low Rates
  • Reliable Uptime
  • 97-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy Site Navigation


  • Phone support is not available
  • SSL is included in the business plan only.
  • There are no free user email accounts available.

5. Namecheap

Best Hosting in Nigeria

NameCheap provides all the standard features you want from an all-in-one web hosting provider. NameCheap meets your business needs from ample storage and unlimited bandwidth to free backups and affordable prices. Let’s take a closer look at what sets NameCheap apart from the competition.

Total Clients

Website Hosted

Trustpilot rating


Overall Score

Main Features:

Lets look at some of the key features of the Namecheap that makes it stand out from the rest of the web hosting industry. 

Feature-Rich Basic Plan

Ease of Use

Free Domains and Migration

Website builder:

Website Speed and Stability

Website loading speed

Customer Service

What Will You Get With NameCheap?

The Stellar plan costs $1.88 per month to access 20GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and free backups twice a week. It is enough to get your small business website up and to run flawlessly.

Also, Stellar Business and Stellar Plus are more expensive than Stellar. As your business grows, you can easily and inexpensively upgrade your plan if needed. Being able to upgrade plans to access more advanced features is a must for web hosting providers.

In terms of ease of use, Namecheap is simple and easy to use. Its review shows it uses a combination of its control panel and cPanel. Both panels are uncomplicated and easy to understand. For this reason,  it is consider as the best web hosting provider and domain name registrar.

If your website is hosted on a different domain, Namecheap offers free migration from your host to Namecheap. It guarantees a full cPanel migration within 24 hours with up to 15 minutes of website downtime. Also, it allows clients to continue accessing your website while migrating the host.

Namecheap also provides a 61% discount on .com domains when purchasing a Stellar Plus or Stellar Business shared hosting plan. It also applies to shop, and live domains.

Moreover, it also provides website builder access to all hosting packages. This website builder has 200+ templates to help you find the perfect setup for your new website.

Website load times have a huge impact on the experience of website visitors. Namecheap gives a 100% uptime guarantee with dedicated server plans and 99.99% uptime with reseller and VPS hosting plans. You don’t have to worry about your site going down when Namecheap hosting is signed up.

Also, it offers excellent website loading speeds that rival similar plans from other hosting providers. It is one of the best web hosts for small businesses because it is inexpensive and offers fast loading speeds.

Last but not least, It provides 24/7 customer support to help you anytime. Namecheap does not offer a phone call option, but customer service representatives will be available for live chat.


Namecheap Pricing Gallery

NameCheap hosting plan prices are given:

  • Shared Hosting – $2.18 – $4.98 Per month
  • WordPress Hosting – $24.88 – $54.88 Per Month
  • Reseller Hosting – $19.88 – $58.88 Per Month
  • VPS Hosting – $6.88 – $24.88
  • Dedicated Hosting – $48.88 – $188.88


  • Flexible Options in price 
  • Low Rates
  • Reliable Uptime
  • 97-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy Site Navigation


  • Phone support is not available
  • SSL is included in the business plan only.
  • There are no free user email accounts available.


It concludes our list of best hosting companies in Nigeria. I hope this information will help you make the best decision in choosing a hosting company for your site. Another thing to keep in mind if you are looking to hire a website developer  for your website is to make sure they use only the best hosting companies options that work well in Nigeria.

If you found this helpful, please help by sharing it with your friends. Choosing a good web hosting company is very important to the success of your online business. 

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