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BlueHost Hosting Review

Bluehost Hosting Review: In Comparison with other Best Web Hosting Services

Bluehost hosting service controls more than two million websites. It does a wonderful job of demystifying the approach of setting up a website for newbies. Specifically, if you want to use WordPress. All plans comprise a free domain for the first year, excellent uptime (based on real-life data), a free CDN, a manageable website builder, and a free SSL certificate. Moreover, above all the Bluehost speed is just amazing. Everything you require is in one place. Is it right for your next website? Moreover, do you want to know more about bluehost speed, bluehost security and pros and cons. Let’s find out through our research full Bluehost hosting review. 

Why bluehost is best?

After two months of rigorous testing of Bluehosting service, which included signing up, creating a website, chatting to customer support, and 30 days’ worth of uptime and speed testing, Bluehost came in at #2 in our list of the six best web hosting providers. Although one host surpassed, it’s still a perfect option and our top pick if you’re looking for a free, beginner-friendly WordPress drag-and-drop site builder.

However, if that’s not something you worry about, there may be more reasonable options. See all of our top picks to match out in-depth reviews by a team of researchers who have even used the products, our scoring strategy, and which one is best relying on what you need.

Bluehost Hosting review: The Good and The Bad

Why Bluehost is the best? And what are bluehost hosting reviews complaints.? Additionally, almost all web hosting service has their flaws, even the most exclusive. Here is an in-depth look into Bluehost pros and cons. 

Bluehost Pros


Great Security


Extensive and Fast Customer Support


Easy to Use


High-Performance Servers

Great Security:

Bluehost has one of the finest security measures on the market. All Bluehost security elements are efficient and will help you cut back hours of squeezing your website. Moreover, it will also give you relaxation of mind, which is particularly needed for absolute beginners.

All Bluehost plans come with resource safeness, and CodeGuard Backup Basic can be added for an extra $2.99 per month fee. Furthermore, CodeGuard will assist you with daily backups and monitoring while informing you of any changes.

Additionally, the most fundamental version of this security element comes with 1GB storage space, daily backup and monitoring, and three restorations per month. Yet, for the more expensive plans like Choice Plus and Pro, you can get free automatic backups for one year and 24/7 network monitoring.

Extensive and Fast Customer Support:

Another remarkable feature of Bluehost service providers is its ample and fast customer support base. Moreover, customer support is crucial for any web hosting service to have, but discovering a service that has quick and efficient support can be a dime a dozen. During our Bluehost hosting review we talked to customer support to know about the reliability and its functionality. 

Luckily, Bluehost hosting service presents just that, and most users have said customer support is very useful when requiring immediate support. In fact, there’s a fair chance you will connect to Bluehost’s Live Chat system within five minutes of waiting.

Additionally, all of its support bases are available 24/7, so you don’t ought to worry about figuring out time zones. Bluehost also provides phone and email support, but the waiting times alter. Nevertheless, you always have the option to pass the time by browsing its comprehensive knowledge base support forum for numerous FAQs, videos, in-depth articles, and helpful resources on everything web hosting-related.

Easy to Use:

Not only is Bluehost the most widespread web hosting service on the market for its remarkable features and products, but it’s also exceptionally easy to use. Moreover, ease of use is a vital feature to have because web hosting can already be rambling to some, so there’s no need for the onboarding procedure to be difficult, too.

Worry not though, as Bluehost has a manageable onboarding process that takes a few minutes to finish, to get your website up and running. With an instinctive interface, it will request you to fill out a form that has your website goals, what you want to count to your site, and what you like your name and the tagline of your site to be. Furthermore, within minutes you will have your Bluehost login done. For its ease of use during our bluehost hosting review, we recommend it as the best hosting service for beginners. 

Furthermore, after responding to these questions, you get to pick a theme of your choice from the Bluehost Marketplace, and then it automatically installs WordPress for your maximum comfort. All you have to bother about is customization, while Bluehost takes consideration of the backend and the technological nitty-gritty.

High-Performance Servers:

The final thing that we find amazing during Bluehost hosting review is that it provides very high-performance servers to all users buying the Pro plan. Although it’s not invariably perfect for every user to fork out more money, we believe you get what you pay for. Moreover, for $14.95 per month, you get a permit to Dual Quad Processor Performance Servers that will keep large e-commerce websites operating effectively.

This server is a perfect option for bigger websites because Bluehost makes sure there are fewer users per server—with a personal file count of 300,000—so there are no slowdowns for anyone engaged.

Yet, if you don’t want to bear the price for these servers, we still think standard Bluehost servers that come with the other plans are excellent and work just fine.

Bluehost Cons

No free site migration

During the bluehost hosting review we find some bad sides of the plans as well. Now here is where the downsides come to play. Presently, Bluehost does not offer free site migration, which can be a problem for users moving from a different web hosting service.

You can expect to spend $149.99 for Bluehost to migrate up to 5 websites and 20 email accounts. Although this service comes with 24/7 support, a full review, and an uninterrupted transition, it is yet quite expensive for most users—specifically when many other web hosting services will transfer your website for free.

What is again not great is that this migration service does not cover VPS, reseller, or dedicated server, nor does it contain domain registrations.

No Guaranteed Uptime:

Unlike most web-hosting providers, Bluehost does not offer an uptime assurance on any of its plans. Furthermore, it is concerning because downtime can be quite harmful to website owners, as you can lose potential clients if your website is undergoing this.

An uptime warranty gives users that extra relaxation of mind and indicates to them that the provider will maintain your website up and running in the most efficient way possible—and is serious about the client service experience while placing its customers’ needs first.

However, even though this may be a problem for some, many users have always applauded Bluehost for its uptime, regardless of the guarantee, as the data displays, it has an uptime of 99.99% efficiency.

Bluehost Hosting Pricing and Options review

Bluehost proposes quite a few pricing plans for personal website goals and requirements. Let’s split it down into each level.

Bluehost Pricing

The outstanding thing about Bluehost is that it has a vast variety of choices at a reasonable price. Moreover, it presents three main business niches, with separate pricing plans according to said niches. These include shared hosting, online stores, and managed WordPress.

pricing bluehost

 Bluehost Shared hosting plan review

The shared hosting plan of bluehost provides the most flexibility and is very popular with Bluehost customers. 

As you can see, the pricing for 36-month terms is much more inexpensive than 12-month terms. Bluehost also offers a 24-month term, but that’s only a bit cheaper than the 12-month option.

With that said, all pricing plans contain a free domain for a year, free CDN, free SSL, custom themes, and 24/7 support.

Additionally, the Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro plans have limitless websites, unlimited SSD storage, and complimentary Office 365 for 30 days.

The best thing about Bluehost pricing is that it’s much more inexpensive on a 36-month plan, rather than a 12-month plan, so let’s approximate these two. This plan has 4 pricing options.

  • Basic: $4.95/month on a 12-month period; $2.95/month on a 36-month period
  • Plus: $7.45/month on a 12-month period; $5.45/month on a 36-month period
  • Choice Plus: $7.45/month on a 12-month period; $5.45/month on a 36-month period
  • Pro: $18.95/month on a 12-month period; $13.95/month on a 36-month period

Bluehost Hosting Online Store plan review

The Bluehost online store plan feels a ton less problematic than its shared hosting plans. These straightforward plans are best for e-commerce stores, where you can build, promote, and begin marketing through your store that’s plugged with WooCommerce tools.

Moreover, both plans come with endless products, WooCommerce installed, 24/7 customer support, fee processing, discount codes, and CodeGuard Backup Basic.


Additionally, this Bluehost pricing plan has 2 pricing choices for 12-month and 36-month periods, including: 

  • Standard: $15.95/month on a 12-month period; $12.95/month on a 36-month period
  • Premium: $32.95/month on a 12-month period; $24.95/month on a 36-month period

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting plan review

Dedicated hosting is an ideal package for larger-scale enterprises that demand an increase in storage, power, and control. This package is on the high-end side of web hosting, so it concentrates on performance and safety.

Unlike shared hosting, a dedicated hosting server delivers the most elevated level of security, protection, and power to its users. These servers are distinct from one another, so all user gets complete access to the server without being involved or affecting another user’s experience.

Additionally, Bluehost’s dedicated hosting, ensures every user sound and predictable website performance, with complete control and privacy.

This package is most useful for users that have high-traffic websites, as you will require the full range of RAM and CPU to operate your website efficiently—which is just what dedicated hosting does.

Some supporting features for dedicated blue hosting plan include:

  • Powerful speed
  • Quick provisioning
  • RAID storage
  • Root access
  • Dedicated support
  • Storage upgrades
  • Free domain for 1 year

However, Bluehost’s dedicated hosting is not cheap. It offers 3 pricing plans:

      • Standard: $79.99 per month with 500GB storage and 4GB RAM
      • Enhanced: $99.99 per month with 1TB storage and 8GB RAM
      • Premium: $119.99 per month with 1TB storage and 16GB RAM
      • All pricing plans come with a 30-day money-back warranty.


That’s all for today Bluehost hosting review. All around, Bluehost is a perfect choice for newbies since it comes with everything you require to get started with WordPress, from a free domain name and automated WordPress installation to a free drag-and-drop page builder and detailed step-by-step instructions for every stage of the way. With vast product offerings like WordPress hosting, shared

hosting, dedicated hosting, and multi-tiered pricing plans, we believe most users will appreciate the Bluehost experience.

The good overpowers the bad, and it’s certainly a web hosting service worth looking into—specifically for WordPress users.

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