ScalaHosting Review

scalahosting review

by | Jul 9, 2022 | Hosting review

Why Trust Us?

“We have been a paying customer of ScalaHosting since March 2022. We have been monitoring shared hosting servers of the ScalaHosting for uptime and performance through our Test Website which is created on a subdomain of HostingGuiders. The review of ScalaHosting is based on actual testing done on their servers”.

ScalaHosting Review: Quick Summary

ScalaHosting is one of the popular names in the web hosting industry. They are preferred for their great uptime, high security, and affordable price. ScalaHosting downsides: you may have to pay an extra fee for extra features and their startup plans have no free email accounts included. We recommend you check their shared hosting plan which comes at 3.95$ per month. With it, you can get unlimited emails, fast SSD storage, free WordPress migration, free domain, unlimited websites, and many more.

ScalaHosting is a semi-reliable hosting provider. It is an excellent choice for anyone with a low-traffic website or who wants to start a new business. The main benefit of ScalaHosting is its wonderful loading time and 24/7 support system. 

There are some cons, that we will discuss it later in this ScalaHosting review. It provides cloud and shared hosting plans for users’ ease and affordability. ScalaHosting is a private web hosting service with headquarters in the United States. Their services ensure the server loading time will be great and solid, and you get featured-packed hosting plans. Furthermore, their customer support services are exceptional and something to be appreciated. Let’s explore more about It through our detailed ScalaHosting review. 

ScalaHosting Review Compared to Best Web Hosting Services


ScalaHosting is a US-based hosting provider. It is famous for its affordability and features compared to other hosting providers in the market. Its headquarters are located in Dallas and New York.

In comparison with other Competitors, it is favorably popular for its pricing features and support. ScalaHosting’s pricing plans provides some amazing feature. For instance, its basic shared hosting plan of offers the same features as the BlueHost at less pricing.

Moreover, unlike Bluehost, It also offers free automated backup feature for its basic plans. The only downside is it does not give unlimited storage on a shared web hosting plan. Otherwise all features provide equal value as Bluehost in less pricing.

Additionally, another notable exception of ScalaHosting providers is its entry level plans, features and pricing. For instance, the ScalaHosting startup plans at 5.95$ per month which is quite affordable in comparison with other web hosting providers. Above all with this plan you will get the Spanel feature instead of Cpanel.

What Is

ScalaHosting is a US-based hosting provider. The main reason for its popularity is its incredible speed, excellent customer support, and various features. It is not as popular as BlueHost or DreamHost, but still, it is famous worldwide. There are around 700,000 hosted domains and 50 000 customers of ScalaHosting. 

Furthermore, another important feature of Scalahosting is its great basic plan. In addition to that,  It is also worth the money and provides features-rich plans compared to competitors. 

However, our today ScalaHosting review will detail whether you buy its services, what it offers, and some of its cons. Find Out all the facts below. 

Want to try ScalaHosting? Check out their website here.

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ScalaHosting Pros and Cons

The most crucial feature of ScalaHosting is the LiteSpeed web server that they offer on all plans. It also feature free backups and free malware scanning. However, the cost of ScalaHosting is a bit affordable compared to other competitors and best hosting for WordPress. I will reveal both the good and the bad in this section.

ScalaHosting Pros


Well build Infrastructure


Site Backups


Great Uptime


High Security


SPanel Feature Good

 Well build Infrastructure

The answer to why ScalaHosting can provide such a high uptime of a website is its solid setup. The service is a 68,000 square feet facility, SSAE 16 SOC 1, TYPE 2, 30 Inch raised floor, single story building, and single tenant. It is compliant with redundant HVAC systems with Liebert air handlers. Moreover, each CRAC unit gets support from an independent roof-mounted condenser. You can read more information on power systems, security measures, and networking on their official website. 

Additionally, It provides a well-built structure and uses the shared plans on top of the cloud setup. It ensures no plan will get compromised if a specific server machine goes down. Moreover, there will be no need to be shut off for maintenance.

Also, the managed hosting service uses Cloud-Linux to make its client accounts. Furthermore, it ensures more splendid account isolation than standard shared plans. So clients getting services on the same servers will not interfere. It guarantees that you can access the services that you buy. Moreover, it effectively solves one of the most obvious pitfalls of shared hosting plans.

Site Backups

Another pro I noted while Scalahosting review is the site backup plans. The site backups enable the users to restore all their data in case of any mishap or data breach. Moreover, it has automatic site backup plans for each pricing plan, whether larger or smaller. 

The most impressive thing about ScalaHosting is it will keep seven copies of your data from the last seven days. It will store it on the remote server. You must check your website weekly to access this remote server backup feature. If you have a managed cloud VPS plan, you can get access to daily recovery backups. You can quickly restore them from CPanel.

Great Uptime

Another upside of ScalaHosting is that it provides 99.9 % guaranteed uptime. These features give more peace of mind to grant users, and the customer will have more confidence in the company’s services. 

Furthermore, the excessive downtime will be remedied by providing credits to users who experience less than 99.9% uptime. For instance, in some cases, if your site got a 99.8% uptime, they will credit your account with 10%. Above all, if you face an issue of more than 1 percent, you will get a full refund.

Strong Security

Another great feature of ScalaHosting is its robust security. Security should be a priority whenever we choose any hosting provider. The excellent news is that it take security very seriously and ensures users get hassle-free experience. It also uses S-Shield cybersecurity software to protect customers’ data and guard them against security attacks.

It also claims that the shield will block 99.9% of all types of online attacks. The S-Shield will monitor all your websites in real-time. Moreover, it will also use machine learning to secure and identify all the potential threats to your site. So this security suite will guard your website 24/7.

Spanel Feature

Instead of Cpanel, our review revealed that it provides S-panel features. This feature is for managing cloud VPS users. The Spanel feature offers users a control panel. The user can use this control panel to manage each aspect of the website. Users can manage from email to DNS configuration. 

Additionally, Spanel comes with a tool called WordPress Manager. This tool helps users to manage all their WordPress sites efficiently. This tool allows users to control and access all site administrative settings easily. So overall, it makes the control panel a very user-friendly feature. 

As we know, Cpanel increased its price in 2019, so the alternative Cpanel is an excellent choice with all the features. Above all, it is more cost-effective than Cpanel.

ScalaHosting Cons






Only VPS plans to Get SSD Performance

Check your website speed

Higher Fees Upon Plan Renewal

Now time to look at the downside we found while reviewing ScalaHosting. The first and foremost thing I noticed is the higher fees upon plan renewal. I am sure you must have faced this issue with any other web hosting provider while planning renewal. 

Almost all web hosting services will increase their fees when it’s time to renew the plans. So you can expect higher fees when there is time for plan renewal. So I don’t think this is something good about ScalaHosting either. Here I want you to check Bluehost hosting as they claim to have no higher fees on plan renewal. 

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No Website Builder

Another surprising thing I found is that it offers no website builder. You may notice most of the hosting providers have a website builder option, but ScalaHosting does not. I am not able to identify the true reason behind it. Maybe they are relying on the fact that WordPress is turning to its website. 

Only VPS Plans to Get SSD Performance

To get most of ScalaHosting functionality, you must have their VPS plan. For mini plans, It offers limited SSD Functionality. We all know the SSD is faster than any conventional hardware, and your website will naturally perform better. Users will only put the databases and server operating systems on their mini plans on SSD Storage.

ScalaHosting Pricing Overview:

ScalaHosting providers offer four different pricing plans. It includes managed Cloud VPS hosting, shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, and self-managed cloud VPS hosting. 

The simplest shared hosting plan begins from $3.95, 5.95$, and 9.95% for one month

These plans can jump to $5.95, 8.95$, and 13.95% on renewal. You can also start with 99 cents for the trial for one month. Further, this package includes 20GB of solid storage on the cloud, free site migration, unlimited emails, free domain, unmetered bandwidth, an SSL certificate, and seven backups of the last seven days. 

Its VPS hosting plan includes a dedicated environment, Pro spam protection, daily remote backups, dedicated internet protocol, SEO analysis, LiteSpeed support, and free snippets. The cloud VPS hosting pricing starts from 9.95$ per month. On renewal, it will go up to 19.95$ per month. 

Click here to see price

ScalaHosting WordPress Hosting Plan Review

ScalaHosting WordPress hosting plan comes in 4 different plan options. It includes Managed VPS, WP Mini, WP start, and WP advanced. From all these plans, you will get; 

  • Industry-leading speed and performance
  • Effortless and free migration
  • Free SSL certificate for all your websites
  • Uptime guarantee 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Managed VPS:

You can get a managed VPS plan at 49.95$ per month. The managed VPS plan includes an unlimited website, 50Gb storage, free domain, Free SSL, Free CD, and a dedicated environment. It also includes Unlimited dataBases, Unlimited Bandwidth, Seo analysis worth 49$, Unlimited emails, and dedicated IP. 

WP Mini:

You can get a WP Mini plan at 3.95$ per month. From WP mini, you will get 1 free website, 1X CPU Power, 20GB of all SSD storage, and a shared environment. It includes Free SSL, Free CDN, unlimited databases, unlimited bandwidth, and 7-day backup. 

WP Start: 

You can get a WP start plan at 5.95$ per month. The WP start includes 50 GB SSD storage, unlimited websites, S-Shield cyber security, and 2x CPU Power. It also includes free SSL, CDN, Free migration, and 1 click WordPress installer with a 7-day backup. 

WP Advanced

You can get a WP advanced plan at 9.95$ per month. It will include unlimited websites, 50 GB storage, 2X CPU power, free migration, free domain, free SSL, and free CDN. It includes SShield cyber security, a 1 Click WordPress installer, and a 7-day backup plan. 

Click here to see price

ScalaHosting Shared Hosting Review

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It offers managed shared hosting plans with LiteSpeed cache for more excellent performance. Its shared hosting plan also has automated backups, one-click software installs, DDoS protection, free SSL certificate 24/7/365 support, server monitoring, and many other security features. 

It’s worth mentioning that when it comes to its shared hosting plans. You can pick between the mini start and advanced. Remember, the Renewal prices will be a little higher than the initial signup price. 

You can pick between three different plans:

  • Mini

    — the mini shared hosting plan lets you host one website. It includes 20 GB of Cloud storage, a free domain, 300 000 inodes, and SShield security. The price for this plan$3.95 per month. 

  • Start

    — the Starting plan lets you host unlimited websites. It includes 50 GB of Cloud storage, free domain, 150 000 inodes, and SShield security. The price for this plan is $5.95 per month. 

  • Advanced

    — the advanced shared hosting plan lets you host unlimited websites. It includes 100 GB of Cloud storage, free domain, 500 000 inodes, and SShield security. The price for this plan is $9.95 per month. 

Click here to see price

ScalaHosting VPS Cloud Hosting Review

ScalaHosting offers three different plans of VPS hosting. You can select from the start advanced and business hosting plans from Managed VPS and Unmanaged VPS plans. Each of the cloud VPS hosting levels breaks down further into separate plans. 

  • Managed VPS Plans

    — Its managed VPS hosting plans have three categories: start, advanced, and business. The starting package includes 2GB Ram and 20GB SSD storage, and its monthly price is 9.95$ per month. The advanced plans include CPU CORE 2, 4 GB Ram, and 30 GB SSD storage, and the pricing starts from 21.95$ per month. The business plan offers CPU CORE 4 with 6GB RAM and 50 GB SSD storage, and its price is 41.95$ per month. 

  • Unmanaged VPS Plans

    — Its unmanaged VPS hosting plans have three categories: start, advanced, and business. The starting package includes 2GB Ram and 50GB SSD storage, and its monthly price is 10$ per month. The advanced plans include CPU CORE 2, 4 GB Ram, and 70 GB SSD storage, and the pricing starts from 19$ per month. The business plan offers CPU CORE 4 with 6GB RAM and 100 GB SSD storage, and its price is 33$ per month. 

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ScalaHosting Reseller Hosting Plan Review

Grow with ScalaHosting Managed Cloud VPS

ScalaHosting Reseller hosting plans come in four different plan options. Managed VPS, Scala 1, Scala 2, and Scala 3. We will discuss more Reseller hosting plans here. But first, let’s find what is covered it when you purchase its Reseller hosting plan. 

  • You will get a free website migration feature for an unlimited website. 
  • You will get a 100% private label. 
  • Top rated support by Serchen, HostAdvice, and TrustPilot. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Managed VPS:

You can get a managed VPS plan at $49.95 per month. The managed VPS plan includes 16x CPU Power, unlimited website, LiteSpeed Support, 50Gb storage, free domain, Free SSL, Free CD, and a dedicated environment. It also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, Unlimited dataBases, better google ranking, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Emails, and dedicated IP. 

Scala 1:

You can get a Scala 1 plan at 14.95$ per month. You will get 1X CPU Power, 25GB, all SSD storage, and a shared environment from WP mini. It includes 1 TB Bandwidth, Free SSL, 20 Cpanel accounts, unlimited databases, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Scala 2

You can get a Scala Plan 2 at 24.95$ per month. The WP start includes 50 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, SShield cyber security, and 1x CPU Power. It also includes free SSL, Free domain reseller, free CDN, Free migration, and private Nameservers with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Scala 3

You can get a Scala 3 plan at 39.95$ per month. It will include unlimited bandwidth, 75 GB storage, 1X CPU power, free migration, Private Nameservers, free domain, free SSL, and free CDN. It also includes S-Shield cyber security, Free domain reseller, 100% white label, and 30 days money back guarantee.  

If you are just a beginner in the web hosting industry, I will recommend the Scala1 plan. After getting it to try to know all about websites, you can get upgraded to Scala 2 plan. Once you upgrade to the Scala 3 plan, you can go to the next level with the SSD Cloud server and get a second reseller account. 



Now, we came to the end of our ScalaHosting review. I am very sure the review will be helpful for you to decide whether it is the right choice for you or not. It maybe not be that popular as Bluehost or Dreamhost, but it’s a hidden gem for low-traffic websites and small business owners. The competitive pricing plan and well-managed services make it one of the most reliable hosting companies. So considering all the benefits of it in detail, I feel comfortable recommending it.

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