Importance of a good web hosting

What determines a good website?

What would be the necessary elements for a good website? Well, some features may vary according to the persona — that is, your ideal client — and, of course, the impact of the sector in which the company is inserted.

Nevertheless, there is a very fundamental checklist of elements that all sites ought to contain. Get to know some of them on the topics beneath!

Factor affecting a good website

Here is an in-depth look into the factors affecting a good website. 










The speed of the website is something that must be done from development to infrastructure and hosting. Speed vastly affects SEO, and several elements contribute to this, such as page size, hosting, and image optimization, among others.


Google gives choice to secure pages. Hence, the greater the chance of your site being hacked, the greater the probability that it will lose ranks in search engines. So, the best thing to do is to avoid that from happening; after all, the comeback process can take be lengthy.


High-quality sites focus on users’ needs, not concentrating on what they market. New and outstanding content arouses and reduces the users’ interest, encouraging them to invite friends and family to visit the site.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of strategies that aims to enhance the positioning of a website in search engines, such as Google. Creating the site without considering good SEO practices is definitely a lost effort.


Conversion occurs when the visitor achieves one of the goals of the site, be it filling in contact details or buying a service or product. There is no point in taking clients to the site if they get lost along the way, do you agree?

Optimizing a website for conversion is simply having much finer use of traffic. For that, an optimized website has conversion points strategically distributed all over it.

pricing bluehost

Why invest in your website’s performance?

The more pleasing the performance of the page, the more remarkable the level of involvement of visitors. Hence, the more you invest in the speed and efficiency of the site, the greater your income will be, without a suspicion.

When it comes to online triumph, know that performance is crucial. You will only have a few seconds to get the audience’s engagement before they leave the site and never come back. So, if the site takes a prolonged time to finish loading, it’s a certainty that users will depart.

It doesn’t stop there. The execution of the site also impacts positioning in search engines. After all, with slow loading, the site will make a poor measure of the visitor experience metrics, which affects its ranking level.

See some favorable impacts that the fine performance of a site can have for some businesses:

A website with sound performance aids to level the playing field against the competitor.
It also tends to increase brand credibility, branding, and deals.
Promising websites produce more visibility for the company when they are optimized for search engines.
Never overlook — a bad website can kill your business!


    What is the connection between hosting and websites?

    Website hosting is a networking atmosphere in which website data and files are kept so that they can be found on the internet. That is, when making a file obtainable on a server, it is permitted to be discovered by visitors from the domain registration.

    Notice what are the typical types of hosting:

    • Shared hosting — suggested for several sites, being the most normally used. After all, it is a more reasonable service with various resources available.
    • Free hosting — some organizations propose a free service, which is meant for initial projects that don’t have numerous expectations.
    • VPS — stands for Virtual Private Server. This is the most urged hosting for bigger projects.

    The job of the hosting is to keep the website with excellent execution and activity. The most typical features to understand it is:

    • Support — is essential, as many online entrepreneurs don’t have much understanding of technology.
    • Uptime — Indicates the website’s working time on the air. There are businesses with 99.9% uptime, which is essential to not leave the users dissatisfied.
    • Security — is precisely what everyone looks for in the virtual world and also in the material world. It is crucial to choose a very safe service that has an SSL security certificate.

    What are the benefits of good hosting service?

    See now what are the major advantages of a good web hosting service!


    Better site performance


    Response time


    Speed for e-commerce and blog


    Exceptional technical support


    Domain-associated email address


    Improved website security

    Better site performance:

    With high-quality hosting, loading speeds will no longer be a problem. Remember that the more promising the site is performing, the more astonishing the level of audience engagement.

    Response Time:

    In 2010, Google said that one of the factors that affect the positioning of the site is its speed. Nowadays, people make judgments too quickly, and, for that reason, they want quick answers.

    So, if your site takes too long to give responses, certainly they will go search for them on your opponents’ pages. Good hosting assures a very short response time

    Speed ​​for e-commerce and blog:

    Hosting will let you optimize your e-commerce or blog operations, which results in a more increased speed of your website and optimizing its performance, saving time on activities, minimizing expenses, and boosting profit.

    Exceptional technical support:

    If you have been given services or products from a website, you already know the significance of delivering customer support. The hosting company also understands that. If you don’t have the technological skills, your provider will be like a partner of your technical team.

    Domain-associated email address:

    While using a hosting service provider, you will have the option to make your own specific domain email address.

    Improved website security:

    The ground of security on a website begins with the hosting service provider because it is there that all files on the site will be held. A good-quality host will have several layers of security in place.


    What is the impact of website hosting on SEO?

    Performance, safety, in short, everything we said here reflects straight on SEO; after all, they are all aspects of search engines. Thus, website hosting has a very relevant role in the positioning of the website in search engines.

    Here are some factors:

        • Security — secured servers, website downtime, and the use of a security certificate are critical aspects of search results.
        • Performance — your site will achieve an SEO advantage with a loading time below the competitor, with files being loaded with the best speed.
        • UX — multiple accesses, a high conversion rate, and growth in the number of sales are indications of a good experience, and Google values it.

    Without a suspicion, hosting impacts the positioning of the site in search engines.

    Available Speed:

    On the basis of the purpose of your website, you will need smaller or larger storage space for your files. The most suitable option is to hire a service that best satisfies your needs.


    There is nothing more saddening on the internet than clicking on a link and being unable to open the site. So, be certain to check if the hosting service you have picked offers the best levels of availability.

    Loading Speed:

    As said before, Google prioritizes the pages that load quickly, trying to always offer the most satisfactory experience to visitors. So, you must be aware of that before launching your site!

    Security of your data:

    Designating the hosting of your website for a company is not an easy task. Thus, you need to make certain that the provider you select can truly guarantee your users’ safety, guaranteeing a system of data redundancy and regular backups.

    Payment Methods:

    The expense may not be the sole reason for your preference, but it can help in your decision on what is the most useful service. Do not overlook that a lower price is not a guarantee of service with no quality, just as a lofty value doesn’t guarantee the high quality of a provider.

    Ultimately, be aware that there is more than one good website hosting service. You must understand well what your needs are to buy the best plan that will completely fit your profile.

    How to choose the ideal hosting??

    See now what are the major advantages of a good web hosting service!


    Available Storage




    Loading speed


    Security of your data


    Payment methods

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