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ePowHost Review: Cheap But Reliable?

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Hosting review

ePowHost Review: Quick Summary

EpowHost offers hosting plans to suit your personal or small business hosting needs. Their hosting service is cost-effective and very reliable. Their all-inclusive hosting plan gives you many features, apps, bandwidth, and disk space. Their web hosting plan starts at $3.95 per month. EpowHost has been providing hosting solutions since 2003. However, it’s not as reliable as other hosting providers like Interserver, Dreamhost, and WP Engine.

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In this ePowHost hosting review, I will explain the features based on many ePowHost customer reviews. If you are searching for a unique hosting service for all your needs, epowhost.com is worth a look.

The company offers many features and constantly expands its services to satisfy customers. Whether you need shared hosting, a dedicated server, or VPS hosting, epowhost.com has it all. It offers a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the service.

So if you want to buy a hosting that costs you only 3.95$ per month, keep reading to know about other services they provide. 

ePowhost Pricing Review

What Is ePowHost?

Founded in 2003, ePowHost has come a long way. It is a US-based hosting company. Also, it aims to meet personal and small business hosting needs. They offer comprehensive hosting packages that are worth every penny you spend. 

The best package gives you free domains.¬† A cheap domain hosting cost doesn’t lead to low reliability.

Their data centers are equipped with fire protection, backup uninterruptible power supplies, high-quality server hardware, and multiple bandwidth providers providing long uptime hosting services.

No phone support due to the low price. However, email and ticket support video tutorials, knowledge base, and support forums complement phone support.

All packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. They guaranteed 99% uptime for 6 months. Transactions on the website are also secured. As a result, EpowHost offers an incredible all-inclusive package.

ePowhost: In Comparison with the Best Web Hosting Services

EpowHost offers to host plans to suit your personal or small business hosting needs. Their hosting service is worth the cost and is very reliable. All-in-one hosting plans offer many features, apps, bandwidth, and storage. It has been providing hosting solutions since 2003.

ePowHost.com (epowhost.com) is a small website hosting service that competes with other website hosting platforms such as Interserver, Glowhost, iPage, and Namecheap. Based on a detailed review of ePowHost.com compared to its competitors, ePowHost.com is a mid-performing brand in its category.

ePowHost Review: The Good And The Bad

Let’s take a closer look at ePowHost advantages and disadvantages. This section will help you know more about their services and make the final decision

ePowHost Pros

We found following pros while ePowHost review. 

ePowHost Control Panel:

ePowHost provides its clients with cPanel, the most demanded control panel, to access their hosting account from anywhere. Its control panel offers drag-and-drop functionality and manages all hosting features such as scripts,  search statistics, databases, file management installations, and email options.

100% Money Back Guarantee

ePowhost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you test the service and are not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

Cost Effectiveness

EpowHost offers affordable hosting solutions with excellent value for money. Depending on the payment option selected, its plans are available for as little as $5.95/month for 300GB storage and 2500GB transfer. This hosting plan is very feature-rich. This plan includes Perl, CGI, MySQL, PHP, FrontPage extensions, and more. Moreover, this package can host an unlimited number of domains with the highest value. This plan includes $100 in free ad credits and free domains. This plan consists of a free promotional package and free scripts. For this low monthly rate, this plan includes too much.


Hosting with EpowHost is low cost but high reliability. Servers are located in the EV1 server data center. The data center provides a fire protection system, backup UPS, and backup generator. Additionally, data centers use multiple backbone providers, so if one provider fails, the servers stay online. Moreover, it also provides a reliable hosting solution and can guarantee 99% uptime.

Great Uptime

EpowHost offers several guarantees to ensure customer satisfaction further. It provides a 100% security guarantee to know your order is safe. You are guaranteed 99% uptime. It means your site will be up 99% of the time within six months. If you learn within 30 days of service that EpowHost is not your ideal host, you may cancel the service and receive a refund under our 30-day money-back guarantee

100% Security

Your security and privacy are guaranteed. All credit card transactions are processed through an accredited retail program with the highest security standards. They never have access to and do not store your credit card information in any form or form. They or any third party may not claim your card without your permission. And you can request to terminate the service at any time.

    ePowHost Cons

    We found following cons while ePowHost review.  

    Check your website speed

    Unreliable Customer Support

    ePowHost offers a support ticket system. You can also email customer support. The website states that they do not provide phone support to continue offering hosting solutions at these low prices. ePowHost also has a help center with resources to answer many of your questions and help you get the most out of your host. A variety of instructional videos are also available. However i am not Completely satisfied with their customer support. 

    ePowHost Pricing Overview:


    Now let’s explore all the different pricing plan options with ePowHost.com. They have not a diversity of options. However, they have plans for experts as well as beginners. Anyone looking to start a website or someone with good traffic website can rely on them, and ePowHost has something for everyone.¬†

    Click here to see price

    ePowHost Standard Web Hosting Review

    ePowHost Standard Web Hosting Review

    The ePowHost standard web hosting Starts At $3.95 /month. It comes with the following features;

      • Monthly Traffic – 3 TB
      • Storage – 300 GB
      • Email Accounts ([email protected]) – 100
      • Mailing Lists – 20
      • Parked domains (point to main domain) – Unlimited
      • Subdomains – Unlimited
      • MySQL Databases – Unlimited
      • Online Website Builder – Yes
      • Additional FTP Accounts – Unlimited
      • cPanel Control Panel
      • Nightly Backups
      • Live Support (Chat)
      • Spam & Virus Protection
      • SSL Certificate
    Click here to see price

    ePowHost Pro Web Hosting Review

    ePowHost Pro Web Hosting Review
    ePowHost Hosting  Pricing Review

    The ePowHost standard web hosting Starts At $5.95 /month. It comes with the following features: 

      • Storage – Unlimited
      • Monthly Traffic – Unlimited
      • Email Accounts ([email protected]) – Unlimited
      • Mailing Lists – Unlimited
      • Parked domains (point to main domain) – Unlimited
      • Subdomains – Unlimited
      • MySQL Databases – Unlimited
      • Online Website Builder – Yes
      • Additional FTP Accounts – Unlimited
      • cPanel Control Panel
      • Nightly Backups
      • Live Support (Chat)
      • Spam & Virus Protection
      • SSL Certificate



    Here is the end of our today article ePowHost review. Since 2003, ePowHost has built a respected customer base as a trusted hosting brand. ePowHost offers value, quality features, affordable pricing, great online support, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

    Overall, it offers powerful features and benefits you won’t find anywhere else. With its money-back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose.

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